• Hi guys

    We have installed pfsense and it work well. But recently we have faced an issue with the firewall, it does not allow ports for example 32004 etcc.. . We have already enabled all the ports in the firewall some of them are working.  I can't find any other rules blocking the ports. Could anyone shed some light on it.


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    With the vast amount of info given - sure ;)

    Does not allow ports to where, to the internet?  From the internet to some box you forwarded the port too? What?

    By default ALL the ports are open outbound anyway - so not sure what you mean by you enabled them.

    Where are you seeing that this port is blocked?  Why do you think its blocked?  Love to help you - but you have not even given us 1 stick to rub to try and start a fire ;)

  • HAHA love the stick analogy