Captive Portal Clients change password by themselves

  • Hey guys,

    Is there a way by which the users can change their passwords by themselves on a self-created web page, similar to the monowall? (,5007.msg15368.html#msg15368)

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  • You can create your own status page and allow the users to change their passwords using code similar to this:

    $userent = getUserEntry($username);
    local_user_set_password($userent, $newpassword);

  • On 2.0 they can change the passwords from the pfSense webgui.

  • That's too bad!!! :(

    Why is this feature missing/ why was it removed?

  • @OttNorml:

    That's too bad!!! :(

    Why is this feature missing/ why was it removed?

    I guess you are using 2.1 then? Actually ermal wasn't saying that the feature is only available in 2.0, it is available since 2.0.

    You just have both options, either building your own fancy page where the users can change their password using the code that I showed or by using the built-in feature that ermal mentioned. Just create a new group in the User Manager and add the members that should be able to change their password. Save it and click on Edit again. Now you can assign privileges, the one you're looking for is "WebCfg - System: User Password Manager page". - You could also directly set the user's privilege but using a group is useful when having more than a handful of accounts.

    Your users can now use the normal pfSense webgui and are redirected to the change password site (if it is the only privilege they have).