Road Warrior Client communicate with site-to-site office

  • My configuration :

    CLIENT1 <–RoadWarrior--> MYPFSENSE1 <--Sitetosite--> MYPFSENSE2 <----> Server1

    How i can do for CLIENT1 connect to an server on office1 ??

    I have add some routing route, whitout any success

    Thanks for your help

  • can you ping your ping Server1 from diagnostic-ping of mypfsense1?
    can you ping from your client1 your mypfsense1?

    did you push the routeinformation to mypfsense2 to your clients?
    (push "route 255.255.blah.blah")

  • Hello !

    I can ping "server1" from "mypfsense1"
    I can ping "mypfsense1" from "client1"

    this is my push option : push "route 192.168.XX.0" where XX is LAN subnet of

  • I've resolved my problem !

    I add a static route in "mypfsense2" for network subnet of "client1"