Character encoding issue for password when trying to login?

  • I have noticed that people trying to enter a password on a foreign laptop e.g. turkish or spanish cannot authenticate normally. I even typed the password myself 10 times to make sure. However if the password was typed into say notepad and then pasted into the box it worked fine. Has anyone noticed something like this. It seems like something very strange to me but im sure something is going on as 99% of people authentication is fine its just the foreign ones that have trouble.

  • I had this problem too recently with a Brazillian client.

    I fixed this by editing the portal page to include

    Which sets the encoding  of the browser to western european.

    Hope that helps anyone else thats has the same problem.

  • Interesting I will give this a go. I changed the password to be only numbers which solved it as I guess numbers are more "universal" in character sets..