• Greetings,
    First of, thanks to everyone involved in creating pfSense, it's pure awesomeness.
    Second, I need some insight on LAGG.

    This is my idea:
    I have a PC box on which I would like to bond multiple usb wireless interfaces.
    I want to connect the ethernet card to a wireless router, that does NAT-ing, and be able to connect to this router with my mobile devices, and use the bonded connections.

    Originally I figured I'd write my own rules for some load balancing, but I ran into LAGG. Is it possible to do it this way? (via LACP I believe…?). Having one ip address and combined bandwith would solve everything.
    Just answering this would help a lot, since I do not want to start without some advice, I'm new to this.

    Thanks In Advance! :)

  • Ok, after reading up some more, it has nothing to do with it. I have wlan interfaces to routers to networks with different isp's, and different ip addresses, LACP is something completely different.
    Policy based load balancing seems like the only way to go, if someone has any other idea let me know.


  • As you may know wireless devices uses air as their media and it's by design shared media. –> less clients -> less "noise" -> better throughput
    so, this kind of bonding multiple nics, ain't gonna do any good if you don't have multiple accesspoints and spreaded channels, so no accesspoint is going to use same channel than it's friend.

    Plus with cable you can have better speeds