USB Wireless Using local IP on WAN

  • Dear All,

    I have just added a USB Wifi to our pfsense.
    It recognsed and I can access everything on the LAN through it.
    What I can't do is access anything through the WAN.
    I have two WAN interfaces and so my wifi rule uses the fallover gateway

    • USBWIFI net * * * BT2TT_FAILOVER none   Allow USBWIFI to World

    I have noticed when I use my LAN connection the WAN traffic monitor shows the WANIP -> DESTINATIONIP.
    However when I'm using the WIFI the WAN traffic monotor shows the LOCALIP -> DESTINATIONIP.

    I'm assuming that as its using the local IP on the WAN interface to the internet, no website can respond to me?
    Does anyone know how to get it to use the WANs IP to talk to the internet?

    Further information:
    My wifi is configured under the wireless TAB as an Access Point.
    plus the interface points to the wireless interface created above as an access point as well.
    DHCP is configured for the interface and works.

    Thank you for any and all help..

  • Ok, so I needed to add two new rules for this in the NAT outbound section:

    WAN2 * * 500 * * YES Rule for ISAKMP WIFI to WAN2
    WAN2 * * * * * NO Rule for WIFI to WAN2

    It all works fine now.

    NOTE: anyone else with a multi WAN system will need to add the same rules for WAN1.
    I'm not adding these rules as I don't want WIFI to work if WAN1 is active, its just not fast enough.

    Do I need both of these rules? The second rule seems fairly obvious but the first one?