Pfsnese as openvpn client - failover

  • my pfsense is an openvpn client and it connects to my openvpn server. i want to setup second openvpn server, so if the first one will become inaccessible pfsense will automatically failover to the second server. Basically I'm looking for a way of making below openvpn client config to work on pfsense, ist that possible?

    dev tun
    proto udp
    cipher AES-256-CBC
    remote x.x.x.x 1194
    remote y.y.y.y 1194

    tls-remote VPNServer
    ca OpenVPN-ca.crt
    tls-auth OpenVPN-tls.key 1

  • Adding the additional remote entries to the "Advanced configuration" would probably be enough to get that working.

  • advanced configuration in where? pfsense or openvpn server. Can you elaborate little bit more as I really don't know what you mean

  • OpenVPN client advanced config, like this screen shot.
    On the server end, you can just have 1 OpenVPN server running, listening on LAN. Then port forward the port you want to listen on from WAN1, WAN2… to LAN. That way the same OpenVPN server receives the connect requests from the client, whichever public IP address the client connects to.