• When I switch the wlan0 interface from "access point" to "ad-hoc" Pfsense goes into an endless reboot. It is unresponsive to everything and I have to put in a new (backup pre-configured) CF card. With the serial cable attached I can see the error message …..

    Ooops, I wrote it down on a little piece of paper and I cannot find it anymore. Ugh! Maybe I'll find it soon.

    Anyway, I am using an alix board with pfsense 2.0.2.

  • There is at least one wireless device driver on at least one version of pfSense that causes a system crash when the wireless device is operated in "ad-hoc" mode.

    Do you really want to use "ad-hoc" mode?

    What type of wireless device do you have? What build of pfSense are you running?

  • I do not need to use ad-hoc. I'll use anything that works. Right now it is set to access point. It is very slow. Something is wrong with the set up. This  is what I am using:

    PfSense 2.0.2-RELEASE-nanobsd (i386)

    This 802.11a/b/g kit is designed to work with your ALIX.2 or ALIX.3 kit. It contains:

    5004 MP ATHEROS 4G (Wistron CM9) mini PCI Card (one)
        U.FL to RP-SMA pigtails (two)
        Dual band 5 / 3 dbi rubber duck antennas (two)

    5004 MP ATHEROS 4G (Wistron CM9)
            802.11a/b/g compliant
            Type IIIb miniPCI Card
            Atheros Chipset
            U.FL Hirose/MHF/I.PEX to RP-SMA jack bulkhead mount pigtails (2)
            Length: 6" overall
            1.78mm cable
            Dual band 2.4 GHz / 5 Ghz rubber duck antenna
            Tilt & Swivel mount
            RP-SMA connector

  • @joebobfrank:

    It is very slow. Something is wrong with the set up.

    Please provide more detail than "very slow". What activity is "slow"? How slow?

    What device(s) are the WiFi clients? What signal strength do they report? Ae you sharing a wireless channel with other devices? etc …