Routing openvpn internet traffic through the default gateway to the internet

  • Hello,

    I am a total noob to pfsense, and trying to learn more.  After several attempts to get it installed on a virtual machine, I finally succeded.  The problem that I am having is that I can finally get my android to connect to the network via OpenVpn, and ping everything inside, but I can't get my traffic to route through my home internet.  It still routes through my ip address at work.  Also when I am just connected to 4G, or someone else's wifi network.  So I guess my question is what kind of rule do I need to create to route all OpenVpn traffic through my default gateway on my home network?  Thanks, and sorry for the dumb question.

  • On your OpenVPN Server configuration in the GUI, do you have Redirect Gateway-Force all client generated traffic through the tunnel. checked on?

  • That fixed it.  Thanks so much!  I really appreciate it.

  • Your welcome, glad to help.