• While tidying up the HTML tags in "firewall_schedule_edit.php", I've come across the following anomaly; Try and pick the last day of the last month?  In other words; as this month is now February 2013, the last month that you can pick is now rolled over to January 2014, so try and select Friday the 31st of January 2014?

    You can't!

    It appears to be the way that the "id" parameter in the table cell is built up from the PHP script, here's the code (edited for simplicity):


    However, the week number ($weekcounter) and the number for the day of the week ($positioncounter) is not unique in a complete year, i.e. 365 days, 52 weeks.

    The date 01-February-2013 is in week 5 and today is now Friday, so the position is now 5, the PHP script is generating the "id" HTML code of:  id="w5p5", and this just happens to be the same position as 31-January-2014.

    Last month was January 2013, so the last month that you could pick in the schedule was December 2013, so Tuesday the 1st of January 2013 was in week 1, position 2 (id=”w1p2”), but so was Tuesday the 31st of December 2013.

    A screen shot might help, click here!

    pfSense 2.1 Beta has the same anomaly.