Open_vpn partial connectivity

  • I was at one point able to connect my vpn to all my clients, initially i needed to add the default gateway pointing to my pfsense fw. For whatever reason I cannot ping my windows clients anymore.

    connectivity is fine
    able to ping linux boxes (pfsense is a vmachine along with other linux boxes on a vmware vsphere server)
    the nas is a different machine, which i am also able to ping. 
    I have a two laptops both windows, which I am no longer able to ping.  I think i changed some encryption values and renamed the vpn but updated the info on the clients. VPN connects ok, but windows boxes dont communicate. I deleted and re-did the vpn, thinking that was it but nothing.  I am confused at this point.

    Anybody have any ideas? PFSENSE/OVPN –---> LAN
    a. linux clients ping fine
    b. windows clients dont ping back.

    I did delete some rules on  the fw, but by recreating the vpn, this should have resolved it. ( the rules were re-added)

  • an extra bone…

    under diagnostics > ping >

    I am from the wan interface able to ping  the linux clients, example  but not the windows client ...

    any ideas?