Vmware esxi5.1 nic-pass through. Nic only works after rebooting guest machine

  • Hi!
    I have recently installed pfsense my esxi 5.1 machine.
    I have used DirectPath I/O to pass through one the physical network card (intel card) to pfsense and I'm using this as the WAN card.
    The LAN in pfsense is virtual network card connected to a virtual switch on the esxi.

    After installing pfsense and configured all the settings the WAN card wasn't working.

    I rebooted the pfsense guest machine. After doing this the WAN card was working.

    If I shutdown the pfsense guest. And then boot it up again. The WAN card is not working.
    If I then reboot the pfsense guest. The WAN card is working again

    Maybe the pass through is not 100% ready when pfsense is booting up the first time the machine is starting? Maybe a workaround would be to get pfsense to wait a little bit before booting? Just my guess.

    Why is it like this? Does anyone have an idea of what's wrong?



  • You could try auto-start for the pfSense VM and setting a delay of, say, one or two minutes?

  • Do you mean in the Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown under Configuration section on esxi?

    The problem remains the same.

    Or do you mean some place on the actual pfsense guest machine?

  • OK.  Is there a particular reason you want to pass through the one and only NIC to pfSense?

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