• hi,

    i'm new in pfsense world so hello everyone :)

    i'm using pfsense since few weeks under vmware server and i like to use guest shutdown function with vmtools.

    vmtools install goes well but when i try to shutdown guest i got this error :

    please, someone can help me ?

    bye ;)

  • Getting this to work is not trivial.  It requires perl and oodles of other stuff (including x) to install without doing it by hand.  The best solution to get this working is to install the developer edition and then feed a full update to it and then go about installing it via the ports system.  But be advised, all of this is not supported and the fact that it will pull in X and such should be considered as a bad thing.

  • hello,

    thank you for the answer.
    Actually i only what the shutdown work properly (in case of my UPS init an emergency shutdown on the host) so i don't need the X part.
    i'll try the dev edition anyway.
    thanks ;)