Traffic graph and Firefox SGV

  • I'am using pfsense 1.2 RC1, and i've got problem with 'traffic graph' view:
    graph not shown  with the native SVG capability of Firefox but work correctly with IE7 and Adobe SVG viewer.

    It was fine with pfsense 1.2 BETA 2 !

    So i tried to use Adobe SVG viewer plugin with Firefox to, but Firefox hang and crash !!

    Any ideas ??

    Thanks for your help.

    (Sorry for my english, but i'am french, nobody is perfect !)

  • ff here on windows xp and no issues with the svg graphs using the built in plugin. Even the dashboard with multiple svg graphs is working fine.

  • Linux  FF 2 is also giving me problems with svg graphs.. I think it was ok with FF1.5  not sure if it was the upgrade to 2 that broke it.