Selective DHCP and network passtrough ?

  • Hello All,

    Our cable provider (Telenet Belgium) is making use of decoder boxes in order to watch Digital Television. Those boxes (Dogibox and Digicorder) receive a MAC address from the internet provider and are therefore currently not behind my pFSense.
    Portforwarding or NAT'ing does not work as those decoders really need this IP address from the provider.

    As a picture says more than a 1000 words …

    Now my network setup is as follows :

    Cable Modem ------ Switch ----- pFSense ---- Switch ---- Internal Network

    That way the DigiBox can request the IP straight from the provider ...

    and I wouild like to get to this :

    Cable Modem ------ pFSense ---- Switch ---- Internal Network + DigiBox

    The internal Switch I use is a NetGear GS728TPS so I do have some possibilities on a network layer also
    On my PFSense runs also my internal DNS and internal DHCP.

    Could anyone assist in this setup, if possible of course.

    Thanks a lot !

  • Anyone ? It would be nice to find a solution for this if possible …

  • You really have to do this at the switch level. Put two VLANs on the switch, one for the internal network, one for the boxes that have to go to your ISP. Plug the latter VLAN in outside the firewall. Probably doesn't change anything though, might as well keep them on a switch outside the firewall, functionally the same either way.

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