World of Warcraft disconnects

  • I've now installed a home pfSense firewall, because I would like something with squidguard locks (eg pornographic sites).

    Here, first, the structure:
    Internet - Fritzbox - pfSense

    In Fritzbox DHCP is turned off and turned on the pfSense. The pfSense has only one port.

    I have set up Squid as a transparent proxy and thus can also surf the Internet without any problems. But when I run World of Warcraft, I do come into play, after a few minutes but I get the message: Verbinung interrupted.

    When I look at angucke a stream happens to me something similar. The stream is running a few minutes, then I get a still image and start the stream again. Why is that? I did not test for the firewall rule any to any created, but remains the same problem.

    Translated with google

  • WoW isn't using the pfSense proxy, so your problem hasn't got anything to do with pfSense.