[solved]Problem with connection to Lan via RoadWarrior

  • Hi,

    I have just started with pfsense for testing and have some problems with an RoadWarrior setup.

    The connection to the VPN-Server works just fine but the connection to the Servers in the LocalNetwork is impossible. The problem seems to be that all Servers in the LAN have a default gateway which is not the pfsense.

    I have set a Gateway for the LAN interface which faces to the Intern-Gateway

    1. Should i just add a route from the default gateway to the pfsense?
    2. And what would the route look like when my LAN is, WAN, VPN
    3. Is the Gateway in the pfsense enough or will i have to add a route to the Intern-Gateway

    Many thanks in advance.

    ps.: sorry for the bad englisch, not my first language.

  • a) For example, if your other router/default gateway LAN IP is and the pfSense LAN IP is then, on add a route: -> might also send ICMP redirect messages back to your servers, telling them that packets to an address in are best routed directly through - and if the servers take notice of ICMP redirects then they will start routing more efficiently back to your VPN.

    If (a) has issues, then (b) add a static route to each server: ->

  • solved my problem, many thanks  ;) .