Help! How to full configure pfSense?

  • Hi everybody!
    This is my first question in this forum, i really hope you can help me…
    I study computing engineering, so this is my first homework: Build a secure LAN Network prepared to block attacks (penetration testing) and collect hacker information.

    I need to install and configure pfSense Firewall in a dedicated PC (not virtual machine) according to this rules:

    • Run pfSense in USB stick (LiveUSB)
    • Assign IPs to 4 Windows PCs (2 desktop + 2 laptop)
    • Anonymous and secure connection (Proxy / SSL / FreeVPN)
    • Compatible with ADSL connection and Wi-Fi Linksys Router
    • Compatible with Windows XP Pro, Windows 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu 12.04 / 12.10

    Note: I'm sorry about grammatical errors, but my english writing is not very well

    Thanks a lot!

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Other than what you mean by this?

    • Anonymous and secure connection (Proxy / SSL / FreeVPN)

    Everything else you mention is just a default out of the box setup of pfsense.  By default pfsense will block all unsolicited inbound traffic to your public IP, will not forward any traffic to any boxes on the lan of pfsense.

    What is connecting pfsense to your isp?  Do you have a ADSL modem in bridge mode?  Sure you can setup any sort of wifi router behind pfsense as AP - brand is kind of pointless.

    As to compatible - yeah its just tcp/ip any OS that uses tcp/ip would be compatible with pfsense.

    So it like to me just setting up a standard out of the box default config pfsense box is your homework?

  • My question is if its a default mode to use internet with a proxy like TOR and encrypt the network traffic with SSL Certificates or other way.


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    no its not default to use a proxy – that has nothing to do with "security" and more to do with circumvention and hiding your traffic from your ISP, etc.

    You could set up pfsense to use a vpn -- but that has pretty much nothing to do with securing your network from the public net and again just hiding what your doing.  Are you worried the black helicopters are watching where your going?