State Table Connections Staying Established for Long Periods

  • I recently noticed, what I think are, some errors with the state table.  I am on 2.0.2, 64 bit.  I check my current states frequently and have been noticing established connections with internal ip addresses that aren't powered on and haven't been powered on for 8+ hours.  When I check the dhcp leases they aren't listed there either, just in the state table as established.  When I reset the state table, everything is normal.  I am using Chrome, maybe I need to flush my browser history.  I suppose it could be a browser issue?  I also saw an entry for my file server connecting to twitter on port 80, which made no sense at all.  I ran netstat on the file server and didn't see the connection.  Is anyone else experiencing issues with the validity of the state table?  Thanks again.

  • Not sure about this but may be because pfSense blocks Fin ACK by default. I have noticed similar behavior on windows machines through NetStat.

  • I have come across the same issue too, devices no longer connected to my network are still showing states, even after several hours of being disconnected from the network, is there a work around?

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