• Hello there  :)

    I am having a challenge with port 135 tcp/udp being open.The RPC port seems to still be a challenge even though I opened it up in the firewall. When issuing the nmap -P0 -v <public ip="">, it shows that port 135 is still filtered. I have opened other ports needed for Active Directory replication and my port scans show them being open. I ran port scans on remote servers out of our network.

    I also ran nmap -sTU -p 135 <public ip="">/24 and it shows RPC tcp as filtered and RPC UDP as open|filtered.

    Where is the filter coming from? I have spoken with the systems manager for our ISP and he says there is no firewall tied to this network block. Could it be a firewall around the ISP's perimiter?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,</public></public>