Alias hostname cannot be resolved

  • 2.0.2-RELEASE

    I have created numerous aliases.  While doing so, I made a typo.  I have an alias named "alias1" containing hosts.  There was an ip address with a typo "12.3456.78" which should have been "".  There is a recurring error in the system log "host_dns: failed looking up "12.3456.78"".  My understanding is that if an alias is not able to be resolved, any rules containing that alias are not applied.

    I have done the following, none of which have resolved the host_dns error being logged:

    -corrected the typo and applied
    -toggled each rule containing the alias and applied
    -renamed "alias1" to "alias_1" and applied

    I have downloaded the config file and verified that there is no occurrence of the typo.  Every 5 minutes, I still see the host_dns error with the typo in the log.  A am at a loss as to how I can fix this.

  • My guess is the system uses some kind of cache and resolves the hostname only at time X. I'm stating the obvious here, but just in case: did you try to reboot your firewall?

  • Rebooting was the first thing I thought of, but the last thing I want to do.

    I just replicated the issue in a test environment, and rebooting certainly "fixed" it.  I will have to schedule a reboot of the production box at a time when it will have minimal impact.

    Unfortunately, does this imply that a reboot is required to ensure changes to aliases are fully applied?

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