Hyper-V LAN failure

  • Hey guys. I'm running a sick MS Server 2012 with hyper-v installed. I'm hoping to get rid of my router and use pfsense in my home environment. The motherboard has dual on-board nic's and hopefully one will be used for WAN and the other is LAN. The server is also a storage server so I won't be able to have dedicated NIC's for the router, just a dedicated WAN NIC.

    So far I have been able to create the virtual machine, install pfsense 2.0.2. I have been able to get a DHCP for my current LAN's router and I'm able to communicate with the internet like www.google.com (tested by pinging).

    What I haven't been able to do was get other VM's to communicate with the router. There were two virtual NIC's on the router, one was connected to a virtual switch connected to the router. The other virtual NIC was connected to a virtual switch that was setup to only communicate between hyper-v virtual machines (not connected to the rest of the LAN). Two VM's ( of Ubuntu, and win7) were connected to that Pfsense Intranet Switch via 2 virtual nics. When I booted up the VM's they were unable to get an IP address, ping the Pfsense router, or anything related to network capabilities. The router wasn't able to communicate with them.

    I'd like to be able to installed this as my home's WAN, but of course, you should always work out the kinks in an isolated environment before putting out in the working environment. What do you guys think? I've tried posting this to tom's hardware but they were silent , so hopefully you guys are more vocal.

  • you missed the thread…

    a lot of us are playing/waiting for a better fix.

  • I did take a look at it but I might have skimmed it. Thank you for the tip. Are the developers working on currently on a fix?

  • @treodeo:

    I did take a look at it but I might have skimmed it. Thank you for the tip. Are the developers working on currently on a fix?

    It's not really a pfsense issue.  hyper-v is just now getting supported in freebsd.  My prediction is the follow up to 2.1 will be fully supported as I am guessing the follow up will be on a newer freebsd.  There are ways to get some of the changes into freebsd as the other thread suggests.  The only other way I can see it happening is that if enough people are interested and put a bounty on it (bounties don't seem to work well as most people are too cheap).
      Personally I'd rather use hyper-v instead of vmware, so I am hopeful.
    And I personally am a freebsd newbie so I am not the most informed.  just following threads and trying to make sense of them.

  • Just for the benefit of anybody watching this thread. I did a new build with the Hyper-V aware kernel and pfSense 2.1 Release. See http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,56565.msg362435.html#msg362435 and following posts (check out the complete thread for troubleshooting tips and issues others have found).

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