Configure specific IPs to go through VPN

  • I currently have pfsense routing all of my traffic through an openvpn with strongvpn.

    I would like to have only certain devices on my network route through the vpn, while the rest goes out normal.

    My clients are all Static ip

    Here is the tutorial i originally used:

    any help?

  • As you may have the OpenVPN as an own gateway, just create some firewall rules on top of the LAN Section or whereever the specific clients connect from and build rules for those certain hosts with the advanced gateway OpenVPN.

  • ok i must be doing something wrong

    i did that, and everything still seems to be going out the vpn connection (checked via going to

    I first added it (the rule) to just the LAN config… didnt work... added it to the LAN and WAN config, still didnt work... so i added it to all, and nope everything still goes out the vpn

    any ideas? here are SS of my rules.... I have two clients right now, and both with the following config are going out the VPN

  • nevermind

    I am an idiot…. i failed to set the gateway for everyone else not .99

    everything works now... hopefully this post might help others.

  • I am trying to do the same as you and it works as expected if the VPN is up.. However if the VPN is down or you disable the service it seems to route through the default gateway regardless of rules. Do you see this as well?