Why am I getting Internet and ftp access?

  • I have a new install of pfsense on my machine and I have no doubt set it up right because I am able to get internet and use my ftp program with it, but I have no rules except the default rules with a new install.

    Don't I need to setup rules in the firewall to be able to get internet?

    There is something about firewalls I'm not getting, what do they block?

    Like on my laptop with windows 7. I will not allow anything and I still get internet and ftp.

    Thanks for your help.

    This has got to be close to the dumbest question ever asked. lol ;D

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    It blocks INBOUND unsolicited traffic by default - the outbound rules are default to allow any.

    If you want to block ftp, then create a rule in the lan to block outbound on tcp 21.

    Most firewalls default to allow any outbound, and block all inbound.  Tweak these rules to whatever you want.

  • A fresh pfSense installation has a "Default allow LAN to any rule" setup for your convinience.

    It's better to allow the user to access the Internet so he can ask questions like "why does it work?" than to prevent the user from asking questions like "why does it refuse to work?". :)

    Well, on second thought…it might have some benefit ;)