Can't get my d-link dwl-g520+ working

  • Hi. I can't get my d-link air plus xtreme g+ dwl-g520+ wireless pci card working. I can't assign wireless interface on pfsense configuration panel as I can see only my 2 lan interfaces there. I've tried to add these to /boot/loader.conf.local but it didn't work.


    What should I try next? Thank you for taking time to read this.

  • 1. Do you think your card has a supported chipset? If so, why do think that?
    2. If the chipset is supported then you shouldn't need to do anything special to load the drivers because the kernel has (or will have) drivers for all supported chipsets.
    3. If the chipset is supported then you will need to click on the "+" button on the buttom right of the pfSense Interfaces -> (assign) page to add the interface to the pool of interfaces used by pfSense.

    Please post the output of the pfSense shell commands```
    dmesg ; pciconf -l