Captive portal interface can access LAN side

  • I real am a new to this firewall problem. I search google and forum but I can't help myself out of this problem.
    Captive portal and other function do well , my problem is users from cp side can access to all my LAN side after they successfully authenticated. They can access resourse of LAN. I tried to block , but I don't know what I'm doing. Please show me answer.

    Here is my configuration:

    WAN : DHCP (address reservation)
    LAN : (same network with wan)

    Firewall rule, I leave default to  WAN and LAN . I put CP firewall like this : PASS > any > any > any > SAVE. (if I don't put pass rule , CP user can't access to internet)

    Thanks you.
    *** This is terrible , I can't find the right answer. Help me please.

  • Your problem is that WAN and LAN use the same address range. Take a different IP address range for the LAN and then you can block CP traffic trying to get into that range.

  • I'm sorry , that can't help.
    I change my LAN ip to different network > .
    Still CP side can access , pfsense WAN > and LAN.

    I think i have to change some firewall rule. How to do firewall rule to access internet but not to other network from CP side?
    sorry for my english

  • what about putting one more firewall rule on CP interface:
    DENY > any > > any > SAVE

    edit: put the rule before the "allow any any" one

  • And push that new rule to the top of the list, so it gets precedence over any "allow all" rules.

    No need to apologize for your english.

    Edit: okay…seems that lsense was a bit faster with the edit ;)

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