Openvpn with Cisco 2900 Series Router

  • Dear All

    I am unable to find a solution so thought post my issue here

    I have a setup like this:

    Pfsense with Openvpn server connected with more then 10 pfsense openvpn clients - Working flawlessly since long

    Yesterday I tried setting up a new pfsense openvpn client and setup site to site with the option to redirect gateway i.e the client side internet traffic
    will be routed to the pfsense server and so forth

    New Client setup was:
    Broadband Router –----Pfsense Openvpn------ Wan I am getting through DHCP from Broadband router
    Worked perfectly on testing - I was able to tunnel the whole traffic through the Pfsense Server

    After testing I plugged the same box behind a cisco 2900 router and wham - Nothing works.

    I am getting DHCP from cisco router - the wan ip is there. DNS is there. openvpn connects but no internet

    I tried to ping which in turns translate the domain name but request timeout

    For testing purpose I plugged the same cable coming from Cisco router to a laptop - Internet is working through dhcp as well as ping

    Is there any thing I am missing - I tried rebooting the box and connected to broadband again - working perfectly

    I checked the routes - everything is perfect

    Please advise


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