• Though I have installed few pfsense box in past with no issues. I stuck in a strange situation which has driven me crazy falling my basic understanding of networks
    below is my network diagram

    –---NETGEAR ADSL MODEM---Bridge mode
                                |----------------Pfsense with ppoe WAN
                ------Pfsense firewall-----
                        LAN        LAN1
                            |            |
                            |            |
                  ---Switch 1    --Switch 2----
    I am trying to
    ---ping from LAN interface to host in LAN network--- no reply---Request time out.
    ---Ping from LAN to LAN1 host --- No Reply---- Request time out.
    ---Ping from LAN1 interface to LAN1 host ----No Reply----Request time out.
    ---Ping from LAN1 to LAN host no reply---
    ---can ping between interfaces.

    Firewall rule
    Allow any to any in both LAN Interface and LAN1 Interface

    I could figure out why I  am not getting ping reply, Any help will be highly appreciated as i have spend a whole day on it
    checking logs and packet capture

    no logs in firewall

    while trying to ping from  LAN host to LAN1 host
    wireshark show destination host unrechable masseage from LAN interface to LAN Host.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  • windows firewall?

  • Do you ping from pfSense or from hosts in the LAN/LAN1 networks?

    Is it only ping which fails, or is it only one aspect of a major problem?

  • Thanks heper,
    Windows Firewall was my first suspect. Checked that before posting here and there is no issues in with windows firewall.

    Hi Klaws,
    I pinged from both pfsense  and host to lan/lan1 networks.
    not a single ping gets the reply except  interface to interface ping in pfsense.
    and yep, it seems like it is only ping which fails
    I can access web server in lan1 from lan host
    I can access the shared file between  on lan from lan1
    but the importance of ping to get success is centralized troubleshooting
    if something goes wrong in network.
    I should at least be able to ping host from pfsense itself in both network.
    At this stage i am not sure what other problem escalates from ping fail.

    while googling i have found someone reported a same problem with amd build processors
    and lot more bugs in pfsense 2.0.1 then i tried installing pfsense 2.0.2 in intel build processor different box
    with same network configuration
    no luck same ping issue?

    Hope geeks in here, could provide me some help in fixing this.
    i cant really proceed to implement the network before knowing what is the cause behind it?

  • just a hint:
    can you confirm that in firewall rules you allow the ICMP protocol? Rules creation default to TCP.

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