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  • Hi All,

    Can anyone recomend what APs they have had good results with?  Im playing around with having an Atheros based card in my PFsense box, but feel i should really keep the AP seperate using branded AP hardware ( make siting the AP easier as well as WDS etc ).

    In the past ive had Zyxel and Linksys APs but they have all required the occasional reset ( every few months or so) - and thats on relativily light home traffic.  Im looking for systems that will be rolled out on a comercial basis so stability is the number one priority.


  • Cisco

  • Here in the office we have Cisco AP's. At home I use the Proxim AP-700.
    It has many of the features AND stability of the Cisco stuff at a fraction of the cost.

    I too got tired of the limited features of Linksys, D-Link, etc. and horrible stability.

    Proxim used to be Orinoco.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

    Im playing around with a Senao external AP at the moment, but will look at the Proxim AP-700 as well.


  • try airlive its very stable thats what im using right now, its design for outdoor and POE ready.

  • It's an old thread now, but who knows who may dig this up in the future.

    I'm getting reasonable results with 3Com 8760 APs. They're not perfect (one particularly nasty snafu was when one corrupted its flash file system following a power glitch - you can't reflash it from the serial port so I had to RMA the unit). They're fairly polished units that are relatively inexpensive, dual band (simultaneously) and are Power over Ethernet capable. There's 4 VAPs available per band (though you can only have one set of WEP keys per band), the unit supports RADIUS accounting and you can return a VLAN in the RADIUS attributes.

    Be aware that the supplied PoE injector is not 802.3af compatible - it's 'always live' rather than sensing as 802.3af intends. If you don't have a suitable PoE switch, ZyXEL make an inexpensive single port 802.3af injector.

    The wireless hardware is Atheros.

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