Wrong Captive Portal Timeout

  • Hi I am using pfsense PRERELEASE 2.0.3

    Some times happens that captive portal and after few seconds timeout the logged. For example I note in portal auth logs this

    Mar 12 12:32:32 logportalauth[53585]: LOGIN: myuser, f8:1e:df:ec:41:cb,

    Mar 12 12:32:44 logportalauth[49365]: TIMEOUT: myuser, f8:1e:df:ec:41:cb,

    after 2 seconds timeout.

    Mar 12 12:21:27 logportalauth[53585]: LOGIN: myuser, 74:45:8a:5d:e8:69,

    Mar 12 12:21:30 logportalauth[15876]: TIMEOUT: myuser, 74:45:8a:5d:e8:69,

    after 3 seconds timeout

    It's strange is set 1 hour hard timeout e 5 minutes idle timeout

    Why ? What could I do?

  • are you using radius authentication ?

  • Hi thanks for your reply.

    I am using local authentication.

  • It happen only with Android 2.3.

  • Ive come across this too, Im testing using 2.0.3 with freeradius package.

  • I reported the same allready in thread http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,60860.0.html and also in an older one with 2.0.2.

    The last activity date/time isn't updated (sometime for days). I attached a picture from today. I tried 2.0.3 beta versions and the current official final relase of 2.0.3. It isn't working.

    For emergency case I modified captiveportal.inc file to log wrong timeout times and I only accept timeouts if last activity is newer then login date. ???

    Please fix this release. I hesitate to switch to 2.1 directly. Probably I would be better to do so.

    ![Last_activity_wrong 2013-04-26.JPG](/public/imported_attachments/1/Last_activity_wrong 2013-04-26.JPG)
    ![Last_activity_wrong 2013-04-26.JPG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Last_activity_wrong 2013-04-26.JPG_thumb)

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