Access OpenVPn Site to Site Network via OpenVPN Client

  • Hi Everyone,

    i've an routing issue with my pfsense box. I've configurend an OpenVPN server with which i can access my local network and the IPSec sites. So far so good. I also got OpenVPN Site-to-Site Connections with other remote locations. Now my question is: How can I access these remote networks via my OpenVPN Client? Thanks.


  • Whatever networks you want your clients to have access to… push that route to your clients via the advanced config.

    e.g. if the remote network is use:

    push "route"

  • the remote network is

    the network between the two OPenVPN sites is

    I've added 'push "route";' to my VPN config but i can't access the remote network. Any ideas?


  • Your OpenVPN "road warrior" clients will know how to reach - but the router at the other end of the site-to-site link (where is) needs to know how to route back. Let's say the whole network chain is:

    ( road warrior OpenVPN) <-> Router A <-> ( server to client site-to-site OpenVPN) - Router B <-> ( remote network)

    Then the Router A OpenVPN site-to-site server needs:
    push "route"

    Then Router B will be told the path back to

    And always make sure that the firewall rules on OpenVPN are open enough to permit traffic to/from all these subnets.

  • thanks that has fixed my problem  :)