Finding 2.0.x FTP files - a bit confusing

  • I'm fairly new here so I may just be missing things that fix my (minor) problem.

    This impacts three areas:

    • LiveCD/Installer ISOs, Bootable LiveCD images
    • NanoBSD (embedded) Images Disk images
    • Update Files

    When I go looking for one of these I need to follow a bookmark to either 386 or amd64 landing pages. Just to make it more fun both landing pages appear identical until you look at the address bar or mouse-over a link and check the status line for the CPU architecture.



    If you edit the URL to take you up one level there are no pretty landing pages, just bare FTP ones.

    The two entries there: pfSense_RELENG_2_0/and pfSense_HEAD/ aren't really clear to a newbie.

    If you go up one more you come to another bare FTP page that has links to the i386 and amd64 areas:


    A couple different things would help, adding some text "For i386 Systems" and "For amd64 Systems" near the top of the page would be good. Tossing in a link to the other version near the bottom of the page would be good too.

    If anyone is feeling fancy putting in a common landing page that leads to the landing pages for both architectures would be a nice addition.

    Really not a serious issue once you figure it out and add bookmarks but an aggravation to newbies and to folks following a link to one of these and ending up in the wrong part of the tree.

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    The snapshot server isn't meant to be navigated manually, and definitely not by people who have any doubt about what they're doing. :-)

    The 2.0.x pages (your first links) are not meant to be linked anywhere right now except directly via the links in my forum thread for 2.0.3. We only have that on because of the problems people had with 2.0.2. Using 2.0.3 snapshots is safe, but it's best to follow the links there from the forum thread to read the explanation there.