Newbie with Questions on Setup…

  • First off, my setup as of now:

    ADSL Modem
    |- Linksys Wireless Router running DDWRT

    5 Client Machines
    2 X-Boxes
    5 Iphones

    Here is what I want to do and would like to know if it is possible and if so, some intruction on how to accomplish.

    I have a Quad Core Dell T310 Server with 12 gig ram. I am running ESXI on it. I want to know if I can run Pfsense as a VM along with Server 2008 R2 VM running my domain and also webserver and Exchange Server 2007 VM.

    I would like to keep my wireless router in place and use it as an access point for my wireless devices. So basically im wanting to know if the system can be hooked up like the following:

    ADSL hooked into Pfsene, Pfsense running as firewall in front of all other devices, Wireless Router, Server 2008 and Exchange all behind Pfsense. DHCP turned off on Pfsense and Server 2008 acting as DHCP Server DC.

    Is this setup possible? and if so can you tell me how to accomplish it or lead me to a help tutorial to accomplish this task?

    Any and all help would be greately appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!!

  • This should be no problem.
    Your T310 is going to have plenty of headroom for running pfsense, even with those windows servers and LAMP.
    Just follow biggsy's tutorial here: