Additional time for hard timeout for connection in progress via cli from script

  • I have configured the Captive Portal with the follow parameters

    Hard timeout 10 minutes
    Url redirection with one ip address for Advertising Server in Linux

    the client accessed and then is redirect to advertising server, the client see the publicity and he decided if continue seeing advertising or surf to Internet.

    10 minutes later (hard timeout) the client is disconected and the same process begin again.

    But we need offer additional 10 minutes without publicity if the client do click in the specific button in the page.

    The  Ad Server known  the specific  ip address of the client.

    Are there any form that add that 10 minutes to hard timeout for that specific ip addres?

    Maybe with one script run in linux that connect to pfsense via cli  for modify the hard timeout.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advanced

  • Perhaps the question is very elaborate, the simple question is:

    is there anyway to change the Hard Timeout, ie that at any time you can add more time to "hard timeout" per user?


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