I need the CP to pull info from internet before auth - what can I do?

  • I've set up my CP with php (it pulls a form and some information from a hosting site on the internet) but since users don't have access to the internet until they press OK, the form doesn't load.

    What can I do about it?

  • Can you host those needed infos locally?

  • If the hosting site is not using dynamic dns, this is a very simple thing to do.  Just add the host name of the hosting site you are trying to reach to the "allowed hostnames" list in the cp.  Similarly, if it's a static IP address that doesn't resolve to a host name, just add that IP to the "allowed ip addresses" list.

  • @Metu69salemi: they need to be hosted on the cloud because I have several boxes over a large geographic area and need to change those fields periodically.

    @islandwifibill: great! Thanks! I will try that and come back if I have any issues.

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