Setting: Disable PF scrubbing option / issues with VPN traffic…

  • Setting is under System > Advanced > Firewall and NAT tab.
    Disables the PF scrubbing option which can sometimes interfere with NFS and PPTP traffic.
    Default is unchecked.

    I wasn't able to connect to my work VPN. Enabled this setting and it connected perfectly.

    Had an AT&T MicroCell that wouldn't connect. Talked to AT&T and had them investigating– couldn't give much info. Unchecked this setting, rebooted the MicroCell and it connected and is working perfectly.

    Anyone know if I have any way to work this so that I don't have to check it and lose the MicroCell coverage just to connect to my work VPN, then switch it back so the MicroCell works?

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  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Some features such as MSS clamping rely on scrub being enabled.

    Without knowing more about why it did or did not work for each of those, it's impossible to say for sure what might fix it.

    Look at the ruleset in /tmp/rules.debug with scrub on and off and see what the differences are.

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