VirtualBox Please Help me With your Suggestions

  • hello everybody

    i have totall 8 pc's in my office all are running windows xp and 1 pc acts as server not really server just like printer connected to it(means main pc)
    my lan connection like this isp–-->Modem---->switch(8port)----->to 7pc's
    mainpc is direct to modem
    all ips are assigned by isp are DHCP even main pc also
    my main pc has two nic's one is Intel onboard and the other is Realtek external IEEE card
    lan wire connect to Intel onboard

    i have install pfsense in virtualbox

    and i gave network settings like this
    1st adapter bridge to Intel
    2nd adapter bridge to Intel

    all are ok like transparent proxy, content filter and so on

    but earlier i saw one forum that tell dont install linux firewalls on vm's with single adapter

    is this true so why?

    and my question is i want to bridge 1st adapter to intel that Wan and 2nd adapter to Realtek and gives it as Lan to my all Pcs
    and change lan terminal like this ISP---->Modem----->main pc(Intel)---->vm(Pfsense)---->Realtek(2nd adapter)----->Switch(8ports)---->7Pc's

    its workout or not?

    please tell me. ???

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