Pfsense Restrictive mode

  • EHLO

    i used to have on freebsd my firewall in  a restrictive all way. I only allow navigation of certaints port like https, ftp,  to the internet. but now i wan to do this with my brandly new pfsense, so i went to Firewall -> Rules->Lan and add a rule like this:

    Action: block
    interface: LAN
    Protocol: any
    Source: any
    Destination: Any

    Save the rule, but just simply does not work. Before that rule i allow my ssh and web access but the users still can get on ports like  22 and things like that.

  • Rules flow from top to bottom.

    Make sure you kill all the present states after you apply the rules.    Diagnostics - States.

    Did you modify the "Anti-Lockout" rule?

  • Oh thank you… that resolve my problem

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