[Solved] Firewall Question regarding OPT1 and OPT2

  • Hi folks

    I have a pfsense box with two extra interfaces called OPT1 and OPT2.

    Behind OPT1 I have a network with some 40 Network Cams and their
    Camera Server. I can ping them all from LAN and I can monitor them with
    a SNMP tool.

    Behind OPT2 I have a network with some 35 Access Points and one
    Access Point Controller running on Windows XP SP3. In this network I
    can ping the XP host only from LAN, the Ap's to not reply on a ping while
    their IP configuration regarding address, subnet mask and gateway are
    However, I can ping the Access Points from the OPT 2 subnet  ???

    How come ?

    Thx in advance

    cheers thafener

  • Going to need a bit more information. Like what are the rules on the LAN interface? Perhaps the access points have a firewall that prevents access from anything but its own subnet. Are all access points using the same model or manufacturer?

  • Thank you for your reply. On LAN I just have the default anti lockout rule and the default allow LAN to any rule.
    Most of the Access Points are Uniquiti Unifi models, but there are some Netgear and Cisco too. As I told you this
    is strange because I can ping them all from the problematic subnet

  • this sounds very much like a device that does not have the correct gateway filled in. It could also be that the AP's block all connections from outside their own subnet (see post podilarius )

    I know of several cheaper accesspoints where you can fill in a gateway, but they don't actually use them. (only gui option)
    I think this is because they use the same hardware as their "router" counterparts and just use a hacked firmware to make them an accesspoint.

    If indeed you are suffering from this kind of issue, then you might not have many options to solve this. (firmware update / support call )
    I get around by using remote desktop to a pc within the same subnet to manage them accesspoints

  • It is exactly as you guessed, these Unifi AP's are not reachable from outside their network, Support just told me.
    Thank you very much for your hints  ;)

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