2.4 and 5.0 simultaneously

  • Hi!

    Could somebody please clarify this for me:

    I am running pfsense 2.1 beta on an Alix 2D13 and have a Compex WLM54AG miniPCI wifi card (Atheros chipset). The card supports virtual APs. Is it possible to run e.g. one AP in 802.11g mode and one in 802.11a? As described on the web interface in "Common wireless configuration - Settings apply to all wireless networks on ath0", these settings apply to ALL networks. So if i set one wireless interface to 802.11g i can not set the other to 802.11a. Am i missing something or is this not possible?

    Any hints appreciated.


  • Its clearly not possible in the GUI. I don't know if it is possible in the hardware.

    I expect there could be some challenges running APs on two bands concurrently in the same chipset.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Just because a card supports multiple bands doesn't mean it actually has multiple radios on it.

    I've not had my hands on any cards that might actually have two radios so I'm not sure how they "look" to the OS. With VAPs, the channel must be identical for each entry, at least last I knew. There may be some work that improved that in cards that have multiple radios, but it wouldn't be supported in our GUI just yet.

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