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    New here in the forums so please go easy :-)

    Have been using Pfsense for quite a while and got the captive portal set up at one of our sites with a guest wireless vlan & ssid.  Looking at installing Pfsense on another site, have set it up and the captive portal but want the voucher database to sync from the first site.

    Have set up the "voucher database synchronization" within the capital portal vouchers section but it appears that it only syncs the vouchers as a one time thing each time the "save" button at the bottom is clicked rather than on a schedule.  Is this correct?  Is so, is there a way of setting up a schedule in cron or something to sync from the master at certain intervals?

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  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It syncs the rolls when they are made, and it also syncs the usage when a user logs in and starts using a voucher, iirc.

    So there wouldn't be a need to periodically resync the whole DB when it happens as they are used.

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