APNIC doesn't give CIDR format? doh

  • So I've been busily firewalling off entire networks found to be remotely probing RDP, SSH, Radmin, SQL, etc that I see appearing in the logs, mainly just to drop them so I can see other more important things that may be blocked in the logs.

    Unfortunately some of the big global registries don't report ranges in CIDR format.


    Whois Search:

    The range is " -"

    What CIDR is that, and how do I figure that out?

    Is there an easy calculator somewhere where I can just drop in the start and end addresses, and it spits out the netmask?


  • Country IP Blocks is what I use with pfBlocker:

    IP Address assigned to: CHINA

    IP Address: is located within the following Network:

    Network Range: -
    Total addresses: 4,194,304

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can enter an IP range into the alias field for a network alias and it will calculate the appropriate CIDR format address.

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