Captive Portal with LDAP

  • Hi there,
    i need to set up a captive portal with user authentication. Because of the given password hashes (PBKDF2 - SHA256 with salt), I have to use an openLDAP server for authentication and cannot use RADIUS.
    I have set up the openLDAP and also the pfsense gateway and when i go to diagnostics->authentication I can login with the username and password retrieved from the LDAP. But when I want to login into the captive portal the login process fails every time I try it. What is the problem here? Is there any possibility to use the the LDAP for the Captive Portal?

    Thanks in advance

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That isn't currently possible. Captive Portal's settings are not tied to the User Manager yet, but they should be in pfSense 2.2.

  • Damn!  I was hoping to test implementing this today. :-(  This would be fantastic and would eliminate the need for Radius!

    Would I be able to setup 2 servers?  2 different Microsoft Domain Controllers? and point to each one?  I would like this for redundancy.  Possible?

    If one ldap server was not available would it look to the other or would configuring 2 servers with the same users cause problems?

  • What about using the freeradius2 package and then using the ldap option within that package?

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