Problem with Interim-Updates in Pfsense Captive Poratal

  • Hi,

    I have configured pfsense CP with freeRadius2 and Enabled Accounting updates of type interim-update. I have added Acct-Interim-Interval := 600 in radgroupreply table. But I am not getting any interim-updates, I'm just getting Start and Stop packets.

    When I have enabled Reauthenticate connected users every minute and removed Acct-Interim-Interval form radgroupreply then I'm getting interim-update every minute, but if adding Acct-Interim-Interval then it again stopped to send Interim-Updates.

    For PPPoE Server, its working fine but for PfSense Captive Portal its not working properly.

    Please give some advice to resolve this problem.

    Thanks in advance!

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