PfSense+Squid3+Outlook 2010 = intermittent disconnection.

  • Hi all!

    I'm using pfSense as firewall with Squid3 as proxy server. I've been experiencing some intermittent disconnections of Outlook 2010 from the e-mail server. When this happens I'm forced to manually disconnect/connect the network card and the connection is reestabilished. This error don't occour when I'm in a open network, only in the firewalled network.
    So the picture is this:

    * In Internet Options, I have the proxy set;
     * Outlook synchronizes with the IMAP server;
     * I'm able to send and receive e-mails;
     * Out of nowhere, Outlook gives me an error: the server cannot be connected;
     * IMPORTANT * When this error occour, the web browsing through proxy stays ok;
     * Outlook will nevermore synchronize. I need to disable/enable the network card;
     * Outlook synchronizes once again, 'till the next disconnection.

    All the office machines are using Windows 7 Pro and Office 2010 Home and Busnss x64. They're all set to navigate through the proxy server (not transparent) and with manual IPs.

    Thanks in advance for any word of help!

  • Trying to give a little more details:

    When the Outlook shows me the error message (error 0x800ccc0e) I really CAN'T RESOLVE the server when pinging. I cannot ping the server, but normally I can resolve it. With that, ping stops to resolve everything (google, uol, etc).
    Then, if I disable/enable the network card, the ping command resolves once again the server.
    Can anyone help me?

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    I've seen the error one more time, and I'm beginning to realize something: Outlook has nothing with the error. I don't know how to explain, but the machines stops to resolve names from time to time. I've done a ping test and saw that. So i'ts something with my server and Windows machines. Anyone has any idea to solve this?

  • Well, I've solved the problem, but in a mysterious way… I've rebooted the Samba4 servers. When the primary DNS Samba was in the process, the problem was the same. But when the secondary DNS was rebooting... The ping was back, Outlook working.
    What we conclude, then? That the Samba4 servers, when used as primary and secondary DNS, stops to resolve from time to time.
    Why? That I don't know! =)

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