I am a noob, looking for assistance.

  • Hi
    I have an issue with my present router in that its old and sucks.
    I live with other people and have been annoyed with the network lag when they are using the internet and I am gaming.

    I like to play Planetside 2 which can be fun when the network works.
    I stumbled on pfsense through google.
    I know some things about computer networks but not a lot.

    Firstly I used a program called virtualbox to setup 3 computers. I have used virtualbax a lot, so its easy.
    I followed some tutorials on youtube to do this and have been successful.
    I have an old PC I intend to setup pfsense on. I may need to get another lan card but that is easy to get.

    I have one virtual machine with 2 virtual network adapters. One is a bridged adapter (to my router) and the other is a closed network (like a LAN).
    The other two machines have XP installed, each with the closed network adapters. Traffic seems to be going to and from these two easily.
    It seems I have setup pfSense successfully and it routing traffic.

    I am looking for help on routing traffic.
    I have little experience in configuring routers.

    Planetside 2 is an online game that does not use much bandwidth ( I think about 50 - 75 kb at most).
    I want the traffic for it to have priority over the other traffic.
    I found the ports the game uses

    Can someone help out in making sure the traffic gets through at a higher priority.

    I will set it up on the virtual machine then install & setup on the actual machine.

    Please help!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Well, you are going to want traffic shaping then. Since PlanetSide2 is not pre-configured, you are going to have to setup using the wizard, and then go back and setup a rule in floating that will match the traffic for PS2.

  • Thanks for the info. Have been playing around with it. Is there any tutorial around to sort this out, possibly for another game. I caould then substitute the port numbers I guess.

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