2.0.3 Release Available

  • info on the blog.

  • Got it installed on my box at home, which runs the 64-bit version. Seems like I had to reinstall the arpwatch package after the upgrade but that might have been just a hiccup. I will be upgrading the box at my in-laws in the next few days, we'll see if that same issue happens there.

    So, I installed the 2.0.3 update on the router I have running at my in-laws, and it seemed to go pretty well. I had to go into the settings for arpwatch, and darkstat and just save the settings. I think sometimes the config files don't get created properly, and going into the settings page and just clicking save. The settings are saved just fine in the pfsense XML config, just the app specific config file appears to not get created sometimes during upgrades and also when you import a config with a bunch of packages that weren't installed before. In all the update seems to be working great!

  • I would like to thank the teams of Pfsense and FreeBSD for all the great work they are doing for the world  ;D

    (I am not a rich man, but I have donated a small amount for you to hopefully enjoy a drink on my behalf).

    Admin, is it a suggestion to create a 'upgrade-experiences'-subforum? So posts are nicely together?

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