LDAP authentication containers problem

  • Hi,

    First I apology for my language I am not a native english speaker.

    I am actually using pfsense 2.0.3 on an ESXi.
    My captive portal is working fine with a local user.
    I want to login to my captive portal with a LDAP account.

    I had created a server in system/user manager/servers.

    My configuration :

    Nothing happen when I click on select. I have no idea about what I should put there (I have put something random for the screenshot). When I left it empy it ask to put something.

    The test is actually working fine :

    But I can't connect on the captive portal with any of my ldap account.

    I rode there was a bug concerning this button : http://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/2018
    I have made the change but nothing happen.

    Is it even possible with this version of PfSense? Do i need a radius to connect my ldap user on the captive portal?

    If so how can i do that? I suppose I have to install a radius server outside of pfsense then the connection will be made this way :
    pfsense –> radius --> ldap and all the way back.

    I am sorry if someone already ask. I had made a lot of research but I can't find any solution.

    Thanks for reading,

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