ACCESS POINT Configuration

  • Hi,

    Just a starter on the PFSense that comes to my connection that i need to set a Router for wireless connection on Guest.
    To give you an idea this is my setup:

    PFSense set as my Router/Firewall that has 2 NICs (LAN & WAN)

    –-----------------------------------------I S P–----
              ^-> (1st) Switch -> LAN (PC's and PFSense)  <-------^ (WAN Connection Connected to PFSense)
                                ^->(2nd Switch)
                                            ^-> W.Router and LAN(PC's)-------
                                                        ^-> Connected to 1PC <-^ (Also connected on the 2nd Switch)
                                                        ^-> Wireless Connection e.g Laptop for Guests (This is what i need to know and asks for your help)

    LAN Desktops used Static IP

    Considering that my switch is not configurable, i need help on how to setup my wireless connection in the use of PFSense.
    I google it and search the forum but it seems that the one i need is on setting it up on the 2nd switch which i cant find.

    How can i configure the router through PFSense that it is connected on the 2nd switch which is also connected to the 1st switch? and
    Do i need to set a VLAN on which the Guest permit to access? (DHCP?)

    Please be considerate on technical terms cause im still studying and working on it.

    Any help will be much more appreciated.
    If you have better suggestions please feel free, they are much more welcome.


  • To configure the wireless router you need to know its IP address so you can work out how to connect to it.

    If you want to apply access restrictions to WiFi clients (for example, preventing access to your wired computers) you will need to connect it to a separate interface in your pfSense box, ether through use of VLANs or by using a separate physical interface.

    If you haven't already done so, you should read some of the pfSense tutorials and How-tos at

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