Filter based on Mac or IP with filewall group rule set ?

  • How does.

    I'm wondering what I would like to do could be done.

    My setup is: Wan (Modem) - PfSence (Dual Ethernet) - Lan (Switch)

    Mac/Ip will be used to as a allowed/trusted device(s)


    if mac/ip is trusted.
    Check mac/ip firewall group rule set.
    if firewall passed, Grant internet usage.

    if mac/ip is not trusted.
    All DNS resolves to a lan ip and http is redirected to a web server that is a lan machine.
    At which point I can do other things that would grant a user to be able to be placed in
    a trusted group firewall state.

    Lan to Wan
    Firewall group settings A, Based on Mac/IP
    Allow unrestricted tcp/udp

    Firewall group settings B, Based on Mac/IP
    Allow TCP HTTP 80,443,8080

    Then Wan/internet to lan port forwarding
    This port to that ip port deal.

    Can this be done ?
    If yes then are their any other packages required to complete this task?

  • Figured it out.

    Swapped the windows dhcp services for pfsence dhcp service.
    (re-created the entries in pfsense dhcp)

    Edited /usr/local/captiveportal/index.php
    (changed line 78 to header("Location: http://localdomain.ext");)
    /* be nice if the captive portal had this ability built in. */

    Edited /etc/inc/
    (changed line 417, Just changed "8000" to "8080")

    Edited /usr/local/captiveportal/index.php
    (changed line 65, Just changed ":8000" to ":8080")

    Then restarted the captive portal. and all non auth users are sent to the http://localdomain.ext
    (which is another system on the network that has the web server and database that enables me to do what I wanted and then curl to the captiveportal)

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